Jag Talon

Hi! My website is currently on an onion service at ofdi7adzugxpr2...wts2bs2n72tf2yd.onion. It's a special domain that can be accessed using the Tor Browser so you need to open this website within the app. This is the digital equivalent of my little cabin in the woods. You gotta hike to get there! 🦌🧙

Advanced: If you're unable to install Tor Browser or if you'd rather use a different browser, you can install a tool called torsocks to magically enable Tor on your browser of choice. I've only tested this on Linux though. On Debian, for example, you can run $ apt install torsocks then run the browser of your choice by running $ torsocks netsurf-gtk.

Why run an onion service?

Because onion services are cool! It makes it easy to create peer-to-peer connections between my computer (such as a 23-year-old iMac) and yours. It's easy to host, and it comes with a lot of privacy features built in. You can read more about Tor's introduction to onion services if you're interested.


While I designed this website to be as lightweight as possible, I also made it available over the Gemini protocol—a lightweight, minimalist, low-bandwidth alternative to the web: gemini://jagtalon.net. I recommend using the Kristall client for it.

jag.talon@posteo.net or @jag@weirder.earth

No copyright. Everything is in the public domain.