🍄Why Palestine

I've been asked by people recently why I've been putting so much energy into supporting Palestinians when there are so many other causes out there that also need attention. Why Palestine in particular?

I think first of all, I believe that a lot of the issues that are plaguing us as a society are interconnected. The genocide in Palestine is the culmination of all the different oppressive systems that I'm against. It's brought about by systems of capitalism (by profiting from weapons and stolen land for example), policing (see how police in the US collaborate with police in Israel), and borders (see what's happening on the US border) which has an immense effect on our environment as well (not just the literal destruction of land brought about by weapons, but also the resources required to create the weapons and various surveillance technology).

Second of all (and most importantly), lots of Palestinians are dying right now in the hands of Israeli settlers. Not only have they been dispossessed, but they are being killed, and I feel like I should do something about it. Here are some useful links for people who are unfamiliar:


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