🍄Making A Lightweight Diary In Decker

I recently ported Decker to OpenBSD, but I'll admit I haven't used it much outside of little sketches. So I sat down, read up on the Decker and Lil programming manuals, asked some questions on itch.io, looked at a bunch of examples, and I made something surprisingly usable in 2 days! I don't program much these days, so I was amazed that it didn't take much time.

Decker has a lot of constraints, but it's surprisingly featureful at the same time! A little bit of code goes a long way actually. The resulting program is around 12Kb right now + 2Mb for Decker itself. Check out the diary app:

  1. Download the Narra.deck file by clicking 'View raw' then save the page by pressing Ctrl+S or ⌘-S.

  2. Download Decker. (If you're on OpenBSD-current just run pkg_add decker.)

  3. Open Narra.deck within Decker.

I called it "Narra" because this app is a journal, and a journal is a log, and a log was once a tree, and Narra is a type of tree.


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