🍄Vegetarian Arroz Caldo

Arroz caldo is a type of lugaw or congee that is cooked with chicken, but since I'm trying to eat less meat, I made this mushroom version instead. It's not exactly vegetarian because my version used fish sauce, but you can substitute it with salt.


  • Uncooked rice

  • Vegetable stock or bouillon cubes

  • Ground black peppers

  • Oyster mushrooms

  • Fish sauce or salt

  • Water

  • Yu Choi or spinach

  • Ginger

  • Garlic


  • Dice the garlic and ginger. I like my soup strong, so for a pot I would use a whole head of garlic and a three-inch long ginger root.

  • Sautee the garlic and ginger in the pot with some oil.

  • When it's browned a bit, put the uncooked rice (I use two cups) in and sautee that for a little bit.

  • Start adding the stock or water with bouillon cubes and stir often. Add more water as needed.

  • As the rice cooks, feel free to start adding the mushrooms, black pepper, and a bit of fish sauce or salt. Add more water!

  • When it's almost done, add in veggies like yu choi. Cook a bit more and add more water!

  • Add more fish sauce or salt and black pepper as needed.


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