I was at DuckDuckGo for 10 years from 2013 to 2023! I saw it grow from a small 10-person company to a 200-person company. I went from an intern to a frontend engineer to a product designer, so I wore a few hats during my time there. I worked on a lot of things, but I'm most proud of these:

MLB Instant Answer (2023)

Designed the Major League Baseball Instant Answer with game schedules, real-time and past scores, and league standings.

Currency Instant Answer (2022)

Designed DuckDuckGo’s currency conversion instant answer.

Stocks Instant Answer (2022)

I got to redesign the new stocks instant answer which now includes historical data, a sweet graph, and key metrics.

NFL and NBA Instant Answers (2022)

I lead the design of the new NBA instant answer and the redesigned NFL instant answer.

Dictionary Instant Answers (2022)

I got to work on the Dictionary Instant Answer many years ago when I was a frontend engineer (many years ago!), and I’m glad that I got to work on it again as a designer.

Embedded Facebook Blocking (2021)

I designed a feature that blocks Facebook’s embedded content on websites. That can either be embedded comments, videos, posts, groups, pages, and logins. This limits the amount of data that Facebook can gather from you. I created a lot of design variations for this project, but we ultimately landed on a simple, unobtrusive version that you see below.

Brand Guidelines (2020)

I worked on the design of the initial company brand book. I worked on the layout and organization of the book, but the content was a multi-person effort. The book was laid out in Figma, and it covered topics such as brand identity, logo design, typography, color, and brand usage guides.

Extension Redesign (2020)

We redesigned the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension on Chromium-based browsers and Firefox to improve comprehension and hierarchy. We also worked on supporting dark mode!


Homepage Redesign (2020)

We worked with Matt Anderson to create this homepage variant for DuckDuckGo.

Report Broken Site (2020)

When things break on iOS, iPadOS, Android, and our browser extensions, you’ll run into this report form that we made. These types of forms are often tedious and boring, so we made sure to make the form easy to fill out and paired it with an illustration from Matt Anderson.

Privacy Heroes (2019)

We partnered with ProtonMail, Brave, Tresorit, and Threema to create this page to accompany our ad on EasyJet. I designed and implemented the page, and the illustrations are from Matt Anderson. I also snuck in tiny SVG animations on the page.

DuckDuckGo Spread Page + Newsletter Page (2018)

I implemented and designed the Newsletter Page which lets people sign up for the privacy crash course and newsletter. I also got to implement the and the Spread Page as well.

DuckDuckGo Blog (2018)

We’re running Ghost.org for the company blog, and I worked on modifying the default theme to match our style and branding.

Instant Answers Maintainer (2014)

I was one of the core maintainers of duckduckgo/zeroclickinfo-spice and duckduckgo/zeroclickinfo-goodies where I helped improve and review open source contributions to DuckDuckGo. These Instant Answers are written in Perl, JavaScript, and CSS.


Anti-copyright. Everything is in the public domain. Feel free to copy and adapt anything on this website.